This is a followup to this diary from last night by Adam T.

Key words: Texas, 2006, 50 state strategy

Update [2006-1-2 16:28:1 by NeuvoLiberal]: John Morris and Roger Waun will field Democratic challenges in TX-12 and TX-13, respectively. Thanks are due UKLIB at myDD and boadicia over at dKos for posting updates on the filing status. We have 4 filings left to cover all the bases in the lone star state, and 3 hours to do so.

Update [2006-1-2 20:50:50 by NeuvoLiberal]: Per 5:45pm posting, all the CDs in Texas except TX-11 have a Democratic candidate. Please see this posting, and please stay abreast with filing deadlines and status at Barry Welsh’s 2006 Congressional Races page, and get involved at local and national national levels. Thanks for helping and participating. Next up: WV (01.28.06), Kentucky (01.31.06), NM (02.14.06), and OH (02.16.06). Have a great day!
From the Texas Democratic Party website:

Texas Dems – How You can File for Office!

REMINDER: All candidate filings must be received by the TDP or your local county party (where applicable) on Monday, January 2nd.  The TDP HQs will be open from 9am-6pm to accept filings; if you file locally, check with your county party for their hours of operation.  Because this is a Federal holiday, USPS, FedEx, LoneStar and UPS will not make deliveries.  Don’t lose your place on the ballot by submitting your paperwork late!

Now’s the time for action – get your name on the ballot!  If you plan to run for office or are just thinking about it, please take a look at our Checklist for Democratic Candidates.

Here’s a list of Democrats who have filed for office.  This list will be updated daily.  


From Adam’s diary and the comments there, the following congressional districts were uncontested as of yesterday:
1.Texas 2: Ted Poe, Republican incumbent
2.Texas 11: Mike Conaway, Republican incumbent
3.Texas 12: Kay Granger, Republican incumbent
4.Texas 13: Mac Thornberry, Republican incumbent
5.Texas 24: Kenny Marchant, Republican incumbent
6.Texas 26: Michael Burgess, Republican incumbent
but two of those may have found a Democratic candidate:

  • evidently, TX-24 will be contested by Gary Page.
  • buckhorn okie has mentioned that someone he knows will be filing today in TX-2

Assuming that those two filings will go through, it appears then that the incumbent Republicans in the other four CDs may go unchallenged, and I am hoping that that scenario will change by end of the day today.


So, how can we potentially help? Here are some possibilities.

  1. If you live in one of those CDs, please consider running, and act upon it swiftly.
  2. If you know someone that knows about those CD areas, investigate possible candidates (such as well known community leaders, DFA members etc), and see if you can get in touch with them pronto!
  3. Please post this information on online boards, blogs and other communities that you frequent.
  4. You may find this site useful to check on campaign contributions by individuals.
  5. Please keep tabs on the TX Dems’ list of filers, and post any updates in comments below.
  6. Here is the checklist for potential candidates.

Thanks for any and all help in this regard.

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