Reuters is calling Chalabi’s takeover as Oil Minister an “OLD-STYLE COUP” …

“Uloum’s resignation as oil minister came after what looked like an old-style ministerial coup last month, when he was placed on leave against his will and replaced by Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Chalabi.

“Uloum had opposed the December 19 fuel prices rises, saying they should have been introduced more gradually. The price of premium gasoline went up by 200 percent, with other fuels doubling in price. However, given the level of subsidy, further price rises seem likely under the IMF’s strictures.

“The government remains committed to cutting fuel subsidies further to meet the demands of the International Monetary Fund, which agreed a landmark credit arrangement with Iraq on December 23. …” (Reuters via Raw Story)

For more, check out Pat Lang’s “Chalabi Reborn? (and a Chalabi Wannabe),” Steven D’s “Bush’s Secret Plan(s?) for Iraqi Oil & Iraq’s Missing Uranium,” and my “‘Messpot’ Safe For Oil: Chalabi in Charge.”

And I really hope one of you more world-weary, cynical coup experts will explain to me how Chalabi’s coup fits in with today’s story below, “Iraq: No Mo’ Money, Less Oil Revenue.”

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