Russia Will Send Extra 95mln m³ a Day to End Shortage

France, Italy, Germany, Hungary and Poland were among those reporting falling volumes.  

Hungary says normal gas supplies have now been restored

Russia says it will pump more gas to Europe after various countries said their supplies had fallen by up to 40% after Moscow cut Ukraine’s provision.

Russia said it was sending an extra 95 million cubic metres a day, to make up for gas “stolen” by Ukraine.

Ukraine denies it has siphoned off $25m (£15m) worth of gas from a pipeline crossing its territory after Russia cut off its supply in a price dispute.

Russian gas monopoly Gazprom raised the price of 1,000 cubic metres of gas from $50 to $230 and Ukraine refused to pay.

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Graph shows distribution of gas pipelines in Ukraine. Russian gas giant Gazprom has cut gas supplies to the Ukraine. The European Union convened a special meeting to discuss the row. AFP/Graphic

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