The following site alt.muslim was found when someone posted an Article from it on one of the few Yahoo Group boards I belong to.

The Article was:

Beyond “Munich”: The Ten Movies Steven Spielberg Has Yet To Make

Imagine if we were in a parallel universe in which Hollywood gave Arabs and Muslims a fair shake. Here are ten films (all based on true stories) that are just waiting for Spielberg’s magic.

{by the way; on #9, as I know the Corries my picks for Rachels Parents would be the Newman’s}

I have since been visiting and reading the writings posted there which just enhances that which I already knew about the Muslim Religion and those who believe in it’s teachings, especially those, who like in any Religious Ideology, are not Fundamentalists but truely trying to live by their Religious Teachings and Beliefs!

More below the fold.

A more recent Addition is this:

Finding Wisdom In A Christina Aguilera Song
By Hesham Hassaballa, January 1, 2006

Some may object that I find such solace from the song of an American female singer. They may say that the only sources of solace should be God’s Word and the Prophet’s hadith. Of course this is true. God’s word and His Prophet’s wisdom is supreme. But the Prophet has also taught us that “Wisdom is the ‘lost animal’ of the believer. Wherever it may be, the believer belongs to it.” This means that we must find the wisdom to live our lives in accordance with God’s will wherever it may reside. And I found such wisdom in a song by Christina Aguilera.

As this is Jan 2nd and we got rained out of work, I just visited the site, thanks to Sharon’s Diary HERE putting the thought in my head to visit.

What follows is Good News reflection on 2005.

The Top Ten Good News Stories for 2005     

2005 rode in on a deadly monster wave whose devastating power dwarfed humankind’s petty triflings. We also witnessed the wholesale destruction of an American city and a remote region of South Asia as well as the unraveling of the American presidency (and the Constitution). We contended with the enduring ravages of industrial society (global warming & other ecological disasters), disease (AIDS, tuberculosis, the avian flu) and war (Iraq, the “global war on terror”, Chechnya, Congo, Colombia, Sudan, et. al.). Only time will make sense of a year in which the Chinese juggernaut began to mint one million engineers a year, Dave Chapelle fled to South Africa, and Muhammad became one of the most popular names in England. Despite all that happened in 2005, we were inspired and infused with hope and strength we drew from transformative events and people – whose stories we call good news. Muslims celebrated their long history of cultural and economic contributions in China and Russia, and made moves towards peace in Aceh, neutralizing extremism in Yemen, and struggling for (non-violent) justice among China’s Uighurs. The media began to improve their portrayal of Muslims (albeit slightly) and emerge from the dense fog surrounding the war in Iraq. Also, the generous Muslim reaction to Hurricane Katrina put to rest the notion of a Muslim world that hates America (or so we hope). After another year of blood-soaked headlines, we present to you our annual Top Ten Good News Stories of 2005. (See past year’s editions for 2004, 2003, and 2002) (More here)

Following you will find the 10 News Stories listed, visit site/link to read what’s below the header and the embedded links within each.

1. Tatars celebrate 1000 years of capital city Kazan

2. China bases its foreign policy on the spirit of Muslim admiral Zheng He

3. Aceh Rebels & Indonesian Government agree to peace accord

4. Cool heads prevail: Yemen dialogues with jailed extremists

5. The truth about Iraq and other Bush shenanigans emerges

6. Hollywood smells a little better

7. International effort to save the manuscripts of Mali

8. Bangladesh sends aid to USA: the Muslim response to Katrina & Kashmir

9. For ten years now, Kenya’s camel libraries bring books to the rural poor

10. A woman continues her struggle with a superpower

As you can see I’ve added the header embeds but again visit the site URL to read those below the header as well as any of the other writings that may be of interest.

At the very top you will find a few more links to sites of this Muslim Community effort. A couple look as though they are in the building process, on quick review.
Learn More about others for Better Understanding, for in the End ‘We Are All The Same!’

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