On right now, a C-SPAN special: “Abramoff & Tribal Lobbying.” This week C-SPAN is airing a two-part LIVE call-in program on the Jack Abramoff tribal lobbying investigation story. Tonight: money flow from Abramoff clients to his personal projects. Today Abramoff indicated that he will plead guilty and cooperate in the government investigation. + C-Span’s Abramoff page. ALSO: Tomorrow morning’s Washington Journal is about Abramoff, with guest Alan Ota of the Congressional Quarterly. (And Janet Strange highly recommends this diary, “There are ZERO Democrats who took Abramoff money,” by dengre.)

Update [2006-1-3 23:17:2 by susanhu]: Part Two will be aired on C-Span on Wed. night starting at 5pm ET (again, three hours). And now C-Span is replaying the entire program that began at 5pm ET. So, you can catch it if you missed it online or on your TV.

For more background, see Oui’s diary, my earlier story, “Abramoff Makes ‘Global’ Deal,” and the NYT story.

And, don’t miss James Wolcott talking about Tweety’s “Power Bottom.” (No, silly, not that kind of bottom.) Here’s a tease:

His performance this afternoon after the announcement of the Jack Abramoff plea was a power-bottom tour de force. He gave the Republican establishment a complete pass. He insisted against all evidence under heaven and stars that this was not a partisan scandal, that 99% of elected officials were honest and upright, that “Duke” Cunningham was sort of a lone wolf, and that Abramoff was a Vautrin-like villain and corrupter of souls.

Okay, Matthews didn’t invoke Vautrin. He said Satan. I just threw in Vautrin for you Balzac fans out there. (More Wolcott)


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