Quite simply put, the way to win this war is to do it away from the battlefield.  

  1. Pan Africa.  Let us, the world, help unify Africas economy.  Then rebuild its infrastructure (bridges, roads, schools).  Africa ought to have a Congress like ours with a House which is based on size and the Senate where everyone is equal.  
  2. Jerusalem needs to be under UN mandate.  
  3. The US must no longer support dictators and must rewrite its foreign policy and apologize for all its screwups like the Vatican did.
  4. More communications and weapons sharing between all countries
  5. If a dictator tries taking over a democracy, stop him immediately.  
  6. Use more Specials ops forces because they are hard and elusive and can take out terrorists nice and quick
  7. International laws forcing comapnies to give all people decent wrking conditions and wages.  No more of this forced labor and sweat shops.  If Tom Delay likes it so much, he can go work in one as an empolyee.  

It is a small list I know but it is a start.

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