It’s 2006 now, mid-term elections. Seats in one third of the Senate and the entire House are up for grabs come May and November. I have a vested interest in one particular race, that of the Senator for this wonderful state of Pennsylvania. The seat Sen. Dick $antorum currently holds. He has one challenger on the Republican side, John Featherman. On the other side of the aisle [my side and most of Philadelphia’s side] we have Chuck Pennacchio, Bob Casey Jr and Alan Sandals. Two liberals and one not so liberal.

What’s my vested interest? I don’t want my country and my state to go to shit. I don’t want a senator who will vote for judges who will vie to overturn cases like Roe v Wade. I don’t want a senator who will vote for unlawful wars. I don’t want a senator who wants to lobby the courts on the behalf of a single person like Terri Schiavo. I don’t want a senator who wants to tax the poor to fund tax cuts for the rich.

I want a senator who believes in universal health care. I want a senator who believes that every child who wants to further their education is entitled to do so. I want a senator who wants to change our energy dependence of the Middle East. I want a senator who will work to further womens rights. I want a senator who is serious about the generational debt my generation is facing and will pass along to the next generation and the next… I want a senator who will hold this corrupt adminstration accountable for getting us into the Iraq War. I want Chuck Pennacchio as my senator.

I’ve met Dr. Pennacchio numerous times around town. At Drinking Liberally, at Philly for Change meetups, at volunteer organizational meetings. I like him so much I started to volunteer for his campaign to become my senator. I like him so much, I’ve given some dough to his campaign. I like him so much, I’m encouraging people to do the same.

This guy is the real deal. He’s worked on winning Congressional campaigns as Deputy Campaign Manager for Sen Tim Wirth (D-CO), as Iowa-Illinois field campaign manager for Sen Paul Simon (D-IL) and statewide field organizer for Sen Tom Harkin (D-IA). He’s also served as Personal Aide to Sen Alan Cranston (D-CA) and as Military Personnel Advocate for Congressman Ron Dellums (CA-09). No, he has never held public office before, but neither have these senators:

To name a few.

Duncan has raised money for worthy candidates in the past and has started to put out the call for candiates for the 2006 mid-term elections. I hope that Dr. Pennacchio will make that list sooner than later, he deserves to be on that list.

The Pennacchio campaign raised $25K in a couple months at the end of 2005; that will go a long way in this grassroots campaign, but that’s not enough. I wish that elections were publically funded so that there would be no need to ask for money, candidates have more important things than to do so. Candidates would be able to run more on the issues instead of running ads saying one thing and then doing another. Ugh. But that’s another story in another life [or country if you look at it one way]. I live in the U.S. and candidates have to ask for money. Their supporters have to ask for money. Their supporters have to work for no money. But I believe in this guy and I’ll continue to work for nothing and ask my friends for everything in return.

I hope that everyone in Pennsylvania will take a good look at the issues each candidate has listed on their respective websites. I hope that everyone in Pennsylvania will get a chance to see/hear each of the candidates in person to see what they’re like one on one. I hope that every eligible voter in Pennsylvania will go to the polls in May for the primary and then take a friend in November. Get this fucker $antorum out of office. Vote Chuck Pennacchio into office.

The issues – Chuck Pennacchio, Bob Casey Jr, Alan Sandals.

I know that there are other great candidates out there across the U.S. in this Boo-munity. I’ve read about them here and there, but it’s now 2006 and it’s time to get more serious about it. I’m not in a position to shell out $100 to every candidate I read about and feel good about, oh I wish I was in a place to drop $2100 to each of them without a worry, but I’m not. Most people aren’t. But it doesn’t take much time to discuss the candidates, why they’re viable and to tell friends about these candidates and tell them to tell their friends and some of those within that growing network will drop some much needed cash in much needed campaigns.

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