Sometimes when an individual or a nation goes mad, they go mad slowly, not noticing the gradual change. What once seemed abnormal and strange now becomes acceptably commonplace.

One Nation under Sedation

Just recently, the news that the Ambassador to London, former Hollywood Mercedes Benz car dealer Robert Tuttle apparently has lied about… of all things…that the United States is kidnapping people and taking them to be tortured… to …uh…..guess where? …Syria. A nation the United States is actually fighting a low-level border war with. A nation it has threatened with military action. A nation who the United States says is in need of regime change.,12271,1673958,00.html?gusrc=rss


Maher Arar, a Canadian software engineer of Syrian descent, says he was arrested in New York in 2002 and transferred to Jordan, then to Syria, where he said he was tortured. The US use of Syria for rendition sits uneasily with Washington’s portrayal of the country as a pariah state. The Guardian has reported the CIA used British airports to refuel for rendition flights, which would contravene British law.

America Fights its Allies-The Enemy is Anyone, Everywhere

Continuing its convoluted, confused “policies” the United States begins its switch from fighting the insurgents  to supporting them. Supporting the insurgents against the government that they have fought a war to install, a war  that has killed hundreds of thousands of people. The U.S. is pressuring the Iranian influenced Shiite leaders to give up control over their Iranian trained Badr militia while the Bush administration attempts to maintain control over the American trained “Iraqi Army” through heavy American presence and monitoring. The “Iraqi Army”  is made up primarily of people non-military minded looking for work, some insurgents, militias and especially Badr and Peshmerga militias. A lot of the soldiers are there for the money and a lot of the soldiers are infiltrators from the Kurdish North and the Shiite South. That is why it is not possible to train the Iraqi Army. They are not beholding to a central government.  The Army is now almost entirely Shiite and therefore more ready to turn on the United States before fighing the insurgent Sunnis. The Shiites are aligned with Iran, not the United States. Iran is the enemy of the United States. Those militia men who have infiltrated the Iraqi Army only await the word and they will begin fighting the U.S.  The United States is the enemy of Sunnis and Shiites alike. The U.S. is now in an impossible position.

The George W. Bush administration has embarked on a new effort to pressure Iraq’s militant Shiite party leaders to give up their control over internal security affairs that could lead the Shiites to reconsider their reliance on U.S. troops.

The looming confrontation is the result of U.S. concerns about the takeover of the Interior Ministry by Shi’ites with close ties to Iran, as well as the impact of officially sanctioned sectarian violence against Sunnis who support the insurgency. The Shi’ite leaders, however, appear determined to hold onto the state’s organs of repression as a guarantee against restoration of a Ba’athist regime.

The new turn in U.S. policy came in mid-November, when the administration decided to confront Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari publicly over the torture houses being run by Shi’ite officials in the Ministry of Interior at various locations in Baghdad.

The decision was not the result of a new revelation, because the U.S military command and U.S. embassy had known about such torture houses for months, from reporting by U.S. military officers.

As I mentioned in a previous post, these torture centers were not discovered but exposed for political reasons.

1). to further obfuscate the U.S. role in torture in the public mind i.e. Make it seem like the U.S. was fighting torture not engaging in torture.

2). To attack the Iraqi government which it has installed. The beginning of military hostitlies in now not far away between Shiites and U.S. forces. An attack on Iran,  the real supporter of the Iraqi government is not far off, I feel. It is the only avenue for Bush. It would be too embarassing to attack the Iraqi government militias directly. They will go after their support.

American Corporations Cannot Distinguish Between Paid and Slave Labor

The Chicago Tribune detaiis how difficult it is for U.S. corporations to make sure that their workers are not slaves. It seems from the logic of the administration that slave labor is very hard to prevent, so we really shouldn’t enact any laws preventing it.

The Tribune retraced the journey of 12 Nepali men recruited from poor villages in one of the most remote and impoverished corners of the world and documented a trail of deceit, fraud and negligence stretching into Iraq. The men were kidnapped from an unprotected caravan and executed en route to jobs at an American military base in 2004.

 At the time, Halliburton said it was not responsible for the recruitment or hiring practices of its subcontractors, and the U.S. Army, which oversees the privatization contract, said questions about alleged misconduct “by subcontractor firms should be addressed to those firms, as these are not Army issues.”

The men were in effect kidnapped twice, once by the contractors to Halliburtion through deceipt, phony promises of pay and then left vulnerable, hopelessly disoriented in a strange land where the insurgents came upon them and killed them for working for the U.S.. America subcontracts its slavery as it subcontracts it torture.

America has a long history of slavery and it seems at times to want to go back. Old, culturally comfortable habits are not easily or willingly broken. Halliburtons excuse that it cannot be responsible for its contractors is reminiscent of Bush’s blaming the CIA for giving him bad information. The CIA is presented as a subcontractor to the Whitehouse who didn’t do their job properly. Bush accepts responsibility….but not the blame. It’s not his fault we invaded Iraq and 300,000 people died so that Iran could take over Iraq and turn it into a fundamentalist Anti U.S. theocracy.

Bush declared zero tolerance for involvement in human trafficking by federal employees and contractors in a National Security Presidential Directive he signed in December 2002 after media reports detailing the alleged involvement of DynCorp employees in buying women and girls as sex slaves in Bosnia during the U.S. military’s deployment there in the late 1990s.

So the U.S. buys and sells men and women, video tapes its own rapes and tortures in Iraq and Guantanamo, tortures people in Syria, uses slave labor here and abroad, kidnaps people from all over the world without just cause, kills 300,000 people in Iraq with the result that Iran gains political control over Iraq, and then the U.S. threatens and prepares to attack the governmnet of Iraq and the people it put in power while threatening Iran and Syria -one of many nations it uses to torture it’s “detainees” who it carelessly captures with great fanfare and mistakenly identifies as terrorists but who are actually not terrorists.

 It uses chemical weapons (phosphorous, napalm) denies it uses them, then admits it, all the while accusing Sadaam Hussein of doing these same things.

New Orleans Lies in Ruins. America Scatters it’s Negroes to the North Making the Red States, Even More Red…and White…and Blue

The U.S. ignores it own natural disaster in New Orleans, creating  one known ( were, are there others?) slave labor camp called “Camp Amtrak ” in New Orleans. Dissapears New Orleans residents all over the country, threatens to cut off their support and ethnically and culturally cleanses the city of New Orleans for the purpose of rebuilding the high ground parts of it that southern whites live in, as it abandons the rest of the city to future flooding.

This is not just the work of Bush. This has been a GROUP EFFORT.

Here’s another link on the Kurds using their 100,000 Iranian trained Pesmerga milita to break away from Iraq as the Shiites will do with the Badr group against U.S. forces.


Here is a link to my blog predicting all of this in June.

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