CNN is carrying live coverage. I’m shocked, and so pleased. Hope they’re all okay. (Decided I’d post this because so many of you were interested in their plight.)

Update [2006-1-4 7:22:15 by Steven D]: Earlier reports were wrong it seems. CNN now reporting only one miner survived.

TALLMANSVILLE, West Virginia (CNN) — Grief and anger replaced jubilation early Wednesday as mine officials announced that, despite earlier reports, only one of 13 trapped miners had survived a West Virginia mining accident.

Late Tuesday, word spread among family members that 12 miners had been found alive at the Sago Mine. Celebrations erupted as church bells rang out.

Hours later, however, some miners’ loved ones — some angry, others silently dejected — began leaving the community church that had been their sanctuary since the ordeal began Monday morning.

What they had to say was unbelievable in light of the earlier news of a “miracle” in the mine.

The few who would talk to the gathered media said mining officials had told them only one of the miners had survived. . . .

Mining company officials then confirmed it at a news conference.

This is just awful news.

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