about His domestic eavesdropping/data mining program to the Heritage Foundation.
Washington Post

“The authorization the president made after September 11th helped address that problem in a manner that is fully consistent with the Constitutional responsibilities and legal authority of the president and with the civil liberties of the American people,” Cheney said.

It was so consistent with the constitution even John Ashcroft refused to authorize it. I don’t think dick has ever read it. He probably just read the cliff’s notes. See amendment #4, dick.

“There are no communications more important to the safety of the United States than those related to al Qaeda that have one end in the United States”

Ok, fine, but that’s not all they’ve been doing, by a long shot. dick knocks down another straw man.
I don’t have any problem with any administration intercepting and monitoring calls of legitimate terror suspects. I do have a problem with Data Mining by the government, and blanket Eavesdropping on purely domestic communications, and with the executive branch collecting this information in Secret, with no congressional or judicial oversight, dick.

He said that activities under the secret monitoring program “have helped to detect and prevent possible terrorist attacks against the American people. As such, this program is critical to the national security of the United States.”

The excerpts did not contain any examples of attacks that have been thwarted.

That last sentence says it all.
The bushies have been peddling the idea that their domestic spying saved the brooklyn bridge, but according to reliable sources, that was “a group of idiots who were planning to dismantle it with blow torches”

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