I have yet to write a diary entry after blogging for over a year so here we go. I ask that you read this diary with a lot of humor in mind and leave all heckling and mud throwing for your comments. And feel free to add to any observations I may have missed.

 I write in short sentences because I have a short attention span. So here we go:

1.) A six-year-old child will tell you the truth but the President of Untied States  will not.

2.) If you use your cell phone to try to break ice off your car, you will break you cell phone.

3.) With the NSA spying on Americans & the Patriot Act why are we still arresting peeking-Tom’s? Isn’t that just another form of warrantless “domestic spying” without authorization. (All puns intended).

4.) And following this theory, if President Bush was a peeking-Tom, is he immune from prosecution because were at war and he is authorized by the constitution to do all sorts of domestic spying?

5.) When you have read someone’s order to go to Iraq, you only want them to come back home safely… even if your not related to them.

6.)Life is better when your little sister is only a 40 minute plane ride away instead 2 1/2 non-stop flight to the east coast.

7.)Insurance companies like money–well I knew that..but its worth remembering each year.

8.)If your attorney’s office has a fireplace make sure you won’t need that “rainy” day account money for a looong time.  

9.) Make sure you surf the web and press on those blog rolls on other blogs..because that is how I found Booman Trib.  

10.)A new Pontiac GTO is a really fast,fun car to drive  around the parking lot at the local auto show.

11.)True..read an article about Dick Cheney then went to the store to purchase food stuff and the amount with tax rang up as $6.66–

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