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Interesting and revealing article in this week’s issue of Time Magazine:

Before heading to Congress, Republican J.D. Hayworth of Arizona was a sportscaster with a signature home-run call: “It’s vapor!” Now the conservative Hayworth, 47, is making a similar charge about President Bush’s plan to tighten the border with Mexico and establish a limited guest-worker program. He is about to publish an anti-immigration manifesto, “Whatever It Takes,” that should rile up right-wing radio just as the White House was hoping to gain traction for a broad immigration-reform package.

Yadda yadda yadda.  This is all the same fuss and bluster we have come to expect from right wing Republicans looking for the next great wedge issue to distract everyone from what they are really doing.   Gay Marriage in 2004.  Democrats are Terrorists in 2002.  Willie Horton and the Race Card in 1988.  It never ends with these people.  They cannot run on their record as they have a record that no one can defend.  So now the wedge issue of 2006 is Immigration and the simpleton notion that we can simply deploy an entire regiment or division of troops along the border from California to Texas and that will solve everything.  

I don’t think it will work this time though.   Why?  Because Republicans are not a united front. As the Time article points out, Bush wants his precious “Guest Worker” Program and it is expected that Arizona Senator John McCain will push hard in the new Congressional session for such a program (boy, McCain is sure carrying a lot of water for King George VII these days). And further, I think the Democrats can effectively blunt this issue with our border Governors Napolitano and Richardson and their plans.  

What jumped out to me was this following tidbit:

When Hayworth criticized an Administration overture to Mexico, he writes, “Rove became somewhat exasperated and spluttered, ‘You just don’t want to help brown people, do you?’” A White House official says Rove recalls the conversation, in which he encouraged Hayworth to be sensitive to all citizens, but said the quote is inaccurate.

So many levels of bullshit and one kernal of truth.  Let’s clean up the mudd.  First, Karl Rove, or any Republican for that matter, is never sensitive to any citizen, ever.  Second, I fully believe the quote is accurate. I have found that when Republicans infight, they usually stick to the truth.  Shocking, I know.   Third, Rove doesn’t want to help ‘brown people’ either, but rather wants ‘brown people’ to help him.  

And that leads us to the kernal of truth.  Republicans are only sensitive and caring to the needs of a population so long as the population gives something in return.  There is always a quid pro quo with these guys.   So Bush and Rove will pretend to be sensitive to the needs of the Latino immigrant (legal or not) community, so as to get Latino and Hispanic votes.   It matters not whether they ever pass their precious immigration reform.  It matters not if, when they do reform immigration, the new policy reflects in any way what they promised to get the votes.   (See Prescription Drug coverage).  

Another kernal of truth, these bastards really are racist, aren’t they?  Brown people?   Wow.  

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