Okay, it’s your very last chance to wield your John Hancock against Judge Samuel Alito.

People for the American Way, for one, has collected over 59,000 signatures to be sent to the Senate — why not sign ’em up to a nice round 60,000?

A penstroke (well, some clicking, actually) and you could be nudging the Senate to filibuster, so c’mon!

And if you’ve signed the others, I’ve found yet another new Anti-Alito petition:

American Rights at Work also:

Oppose Alito Petition

Defending the Constitution’s Stop Alito Petition:


Pretty fresh petition from Moveon.org (especially if you haven’t signed yet):

Move On.org’s Alito Petition

Kinda new Democratic anti-Alito petition:

Democratic Party’s Reject Alito Petition

Stop the NRA is also getting in on the party:

Stop the NRA’s Oppose Alito Petiton

Been around, but may be new to you:

Save the Court Petition

And while you’re at it: sign Planned Parenthood’s anti-Alito petition, too:

Planned Parenthood Petition

NARAL is shooting for 500,000 signatures, please add yours:

Naral Anti-Alito Petition

And don’t forget: urge Congress to support Plan B:

Plan B Petition

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