I am sorry… but ENOUGH “shock”.

Domestic spying?

Demagogues and anti-human lords and masters?

 This is nothing new.

Read on.

It was this way during the Nixon years and the Reagan years. It was ALWAYS this way whenever J. Edgar Hoover had his hand in things.

 It was this way when the best and brightest hopes we had were being murdered in broad daylight and patsies set up to take the blame.

 It was this way when Joe McCarthy was demonizing people who gave a damn.

 It was this way when Grandpa Bush was Hitler’s banker.

 When the racist Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh were rich and powerful.

 When the first real wealth in this country was made on the opium and slave trades.

 It was this way when America was fucking FOUNDED on slavery. Our original sin…not yet really even admitted let alone expiated.

 When the entire nation was genocided out of the hands of its first residents.

 And here we are once again wringing our hands and weeping while we sit at our $2000 computers in our $500,000 houses with $35,000 worth of gas guzzler(s) parked in the heated garage.

 Give me a BREAK!!!

 There is only one thing that will stop this situation in its tracks.

 No…I take that back.

TWO things.

 Either we make Washington DC look like this

  and demand our country back SOON, or somewhere down the road all of America is going to look like this.

 BET on it.

 Our choice, now.

 Business as usual…fall guys go down while bosses keep on with their hustle.

 Or Nuremberg v.2.

 A mass catharsis of all of our sins.

 We shall see.

 Let us pray.


“Whenever a feeling of aversion comes into the heart of a good soul, it is not without significance. Intuition-a Divine attribute, not vain suspicion.” Rumi

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