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Judy Shackleford walks at the International Coal Group Inc tipper in Sago, West Virginia, January 5, 2006 a day after learning of the death of her brother Terry Helms in the Sago mine. One miner survived and 12 died after being trapped for 40 hours in the Sago mine after an explosion occurred in the morning of January 2.
REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

Come All You Coal Miners
by Sarah Ogan Gunning

Come all you coal miners wherever you may be
And listen to a story that I’ll relate to thee
My name is nothing extra, but the truth to you I’ll tell
I am a coal miner’s wife, I’m sure l wish you well.

l was born in old Kentucky, in a coal camp born and bred,
I know all about the pinto beans, bulldog gravy and cornbread,
And I know how the coal miners work and slave in the coal mines every day
For a dollar in the company store, for that is all they pay.

Coal mining is the most dangerous work in our land today
With plenty of dirty. slaving work, and very little pay.
Coal miner, won’t you wake up, and open your eyes and see
What the dirty capitalist system is doing to you and me.

They take your very life blood, they take our children’s lives
They take fathers away from children, and husbands away from wives.
Oh miner, won’t you organize wherever you may be
And make this a land of freedom for workers like you and me.

Dear miner, they will slave you ’til you can’t work no more
And what’ll you get for your living but a dollar in a company store
A tumbled-down shack to live in, snow and rain pours in the top.
You have to pay the company rent, your dying never stops.

I am a coal miner’s wife, I’m sure l wish you well.
Let’s sink this capitalist system in the darkest pits of hell.

– – –
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