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12/31/2005 4:28:01 PM

Depart Midway Chicago to Atlanta…

8:15 PM


I am writing to you aboard a flight to Mexico City.  I am bound for Chiapas.

I am going to document the Zapatista (EZLN) “Other Campaign” for the next six months.

This is a project that came together, fell apart and was forgotten about.  It was still in a state of disarray yesterday when there was a voice mail inviting me to Chiapas.  

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I decided to go.  

The “Other Campaign” is a journey.  Often times the point isn’t necessarily to arrive.  The point is simply making the journey.  

This is what men and women like me do.  The phone rings, we go, to share in the struggle.  

This is my first international assignment since I retired 10 years ago.  I neither depart, nor arrive without some trepidation and mixed feelings.  As, I alone do not carry the burden of failure.  I have loved ones depending upon my success in this project.  

I have risked everything.  I have no funds.  No financial support.  Only a camera, film and some faith in the goodness of humanity.  Faith in the goodness of your humanity.  

My family and I remain in need of spiritual, financial and material support.  I humble ask you to support me in this quest.  

My loved ones, whom I leave behind, need your prayers.  

As I am able, I will send you the pictures and the words of the journey.  
As I embark the plane in Chiapas I will carry within me the hopes and dreams of each and every one of you in my heart.  

Pray for me…

Hasta la Victoria Siempre,


otherproject(at)gmail dot com

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