[CNN is chatting this up … From the diaries by susanhu … and don’t miss JPol’s huge story below!]

Prelude to a frog march? This just in via a phone call from a friend and the NYT:

Embattled Rep. Tom DeLay decided Saturday to give up his post as House majority leader, clearing the way for new leadership elections among House Republicans eager to shed the taint of scandal, two officials said. (Emphasis mine.)

Surely going back to being a lowly backbencher can’t hold the same allure for Hot Tub Tom, but for now, DeLay will remain a member:

DeLay intends to remain in Congress, these officials said, and plans to seek a new term in November.

Once upon a time, someone like DeLay would already be planning his lobbying career, but after Abramoff … well, maybe not.

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