Here it is:

1-All troops out of Iraq. Now.

2-Afraid of oil shortages as a result? A crash program, W.W. II style to:

   a-Develop alternative fuels.

   b-Revitalize our mass transit and rail lines.

   c–Conserve heating and fuel costs. No more SUVs. All Minis, all the
    time. Energy rationing, if necessary. Turn your damned
    lights out if you are not using them. Buy a nightcap and a sleeping
    bag if you must. But…get real.

3-Take the military and covert forces that have been freed up by getting out of the World Police business and apply them to drug proscription at the borders. You want to allow drugs in YOUR country? Feel free. The buck stops at the border.

4-Prison sentences for white collar and political crime. DEATH sentences for treason.

That’s it.

Landslide victory.

Odds on this happening?


On how crooked the Democratic establishment really is.

My own take?

5 to 1 against.

Could happen, though…

(Wouldn’t…it be…loverly???)


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