In honor of the fashionable use of the word “Centrist” to marginalize the left. This is just a response to BooMan that I think deserves discussion on it’s own. I have edited this “reply” slightly.

Centrists are people, not just politicians. I will give you minor props
for tacking the word RADICAL on to the title… But you drop that frame
even in your day to day discussions of supposed Centrists (Like all
Americans do).

Why only the minor props for tacking on “radical”?

Tell me if you recognize even a remote semblence to a right-wing-nut frame below the fold… OR if you disagree with me. The only response you will get from is a 4! I just want to see your opinions on this weakly argued thesis.
Because that is just a way of further marginalizing the left (in US
politics) from typical American politicians. That would be the
Centrists that are to the left of even (most of) the Dem politicians.

I am not demanding that you change your POV… But I do ask that you
understand how the term Centrist is being abused even when you tack on
the “radical” word. (“Radical Centrist” is a term that denigrates the
ideal of true Centrism)

There are many centrist organisations around the world. I call myself a
Liberal just so the average American understands that I am to the left
of their spectrum. And I am. Heck, the right in the USA calls me a communist regularly! lol

You aren’t the average American BooMan. And you don’t like framing.
Understand that even the words “Radical Centrist” are just an American
morph to develope a frame. Just as the casual abuse of the term “Centrist” to
describe moderate right wingers has become.

Taken from Wikipedia

In politics, centrism usually refers to the political ideal of promoting moderate policies which land in the middle ground between different political extremes. Most commonly, this is visualized as part of the one-dimensional political spectrum of Left-Right politics, with centrism landing in the middle between left-wing politics and right-wing politics. However, there is arguably more than one dimension to politics, so even the center has its own radicals as exemplified by radical centrist politics.

The “arguable” part is among non-Centrists. Centrists will tell you
that the word “radical” was developed and tacked on to marginalize true

What was it Abramoff said?

“Our job is to completely eliminate the left.”

They have won that one hands down as liberals now call themselves “progressive” and move to the right. The left has  already been marginalized to near non-existance in the USA.

“Who’s next?”


How do we do that?

“Make them radical dude!”

And now even the left calls moderate right wingers Radical Centrists.

Whoops… There goes the center of the political spectrum in the USA.
And flushed down the drain by the left as well, no less!

I am not telling you (or bullying you) to stop using those words. But
do stop and think about it for a while. When moderate right wing
politicians are even remotely refered to as Centrist, with or whithout
“radical” attached to them, it marginalizes the left even further. And
it is a very well developed frame.

No matter how you look at it, it marginalizes the left. As well as Centrists…
Take another step deep into the abyss of right wing politics, please.

Just so you know what flavour will be marginalized next in the USA…

Moderate right wingers will be skewered by the farrrr right wing as being communist/liberal/socialist!

Why not? Everyone already calls them radical!

(IMPORTANT NOTE: I refer directly to BooMan in this diary since this is a response to his reply in another thread that was copied and pasted (and edited a bit)… This idea is directed at the left, and I am interested in all of your opinions on this, as well as BooMan’s if he wants to give it, of course. All you will get is a 4 from me. Please understand that this was written on the fly. Gramur n’ spealing be dammmed! lol:)

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