In an essay titled “Rebuilding Our Defenses” in the PNAC website, William Kristol and Robert Kagan refer to some of the ideas that will make the U.S. the new hegemon.The ones specifically called out for our attention are Space Based Weapons and the Development of organisms that attack specific genotypes.In other words biological warfare against other races.

For some time, the visions of that future were limited by the limitations of genetic engineering.For example,trout can live in cold water.If a trout gene can be forcibly inserted into tomatoes, tomatoes could theoretically survive cold weather and so on.The key limitation in this reasoning is that the genes in the host organism may accept or reject the inserted genes.

That limitation has now been overcome by a new science called Synthetic Biology, which is best described as Genetic Engineering on Steroids. In this new approach, viruses are created from common chemicals and used in the way described above. When this procedure is adopted it becomes possible to overcome the barriers imposed by natural living systems.Fearsome viruses can be created and used in ways that will hide the true causes of the attacks against any populations targeted.For example, one could create enormous pain and suffering in people over the age of forty in a hostile country by spreading viruses that cause arthritis or cause massive epidemics of cornary diseases in populations over the age of fifty.Race specific genes are the  most sought after holy grail for the mad men of the PNAC and it is certain that will be achieved soon.

One could go on about this but to me, an old man,it is sad to see that the atomic weapons we feared in my younger days are going to be overtaken by the bio weapons of the future with no possible way to control them except by a change in our fundamental nature.Only a moral and spiritual awakening can prevent the mad race that is about to erupt engulfing all of us.

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