Back in December, I mentioned a protest I am planning with my local anti-war group.  It was originally called the “March for Accountability” but is in the process of being re-named the “Picket for Peace.”  Truth in labeling, I think, since we are really picketing rather than marching.

The ideas outlined in the diary linked above are still guiding our local protest.  But I would very much like to see if we at the Booman Tribune can help to build a larger blog-organization, so that this same protest might be duplicated in a number of areas.

If you are interested, I would suggest the following:

  1.  Recommend this diary, so we can get some shelf-life for discussion.
  2.  Go back and read the linked diary, so you get an idea of the protest.
  3.  Contribute your thoughts below.
  4.  Volunteer to a) manage a local protest of the pro-war legislator’s office in your community, and/or b) help spread the word about this protest to the larger blogosphere so that we can have a blogging manager in every pro-war legislator’s district (but let’s wait on spreading he word until we have our ducks in a row here at the pond).

A couple of my own thoughts that go beyond the initial diary a bit.  As far as a loose, blogger friendly management style for this really freaking big ass project, I might suggest something like this.  Those committed Boo Tribbers with energy and desire to do this could commit to organizing in their own district, and perhaps overseeing 10 other districts (kind of like regional management — in a blogosphere/not geographic sense) as we get more district volunteers once we start spreading the word about the protest.  So you could like create an e-mail list and keep 10 others informed.  Kind of like a pyramid scheme, only in a positive way.  Like Amway for altruistic peace people.

Just a thought.

Another thought.  A lot of the down and dirty work for the stated goals of getting your pro-war legislator to 1) support peace and 2) accountability has been done for us by Murtha and Conyers.  Even if their plans are not perfect, it is a very convenient and easy goal to say to the pro-war legislator, “Look, you need to support Murtha’s efforts to end the war, and Conyers efforts to appoint a select committee to investigate the run-up to the war.  And if you don’t, we are going to be picketing and hounding you all election season, and supporting your opponent, and garnering really bad press for you, you hawkish bastard.”

Okay.  I know it’s late.  I know your weary.  I know your plans don’t include… these wacky protest ideas at 1:30 am EST.  But I hope to talk to you all about this more tomorrow.

Good night.  And good luck.

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