Ordinarily, you probably wouldn’t read a George Will column in the Washington Post unless you were stuck in a bathroom with nothing else to read, but you’ve just got to make an exception today. It’s hilarious, and in a good way.

Here’s how it starts. . .

Before evolution produced creatures of our perfection, there was a three-ton dinosaur, the stegosaurus, so neurologically sluggish that when its tail was injured, significant time elapsed before news of the trauma meandered up its long spine to its walnut-size brain. This primitive beast, not the dignified elephant, should be the symbol of House Republicans.

Yes, one should not taint all of them because of the behavior of most of them.

Except for a couple of zingers at “liberals,” it just gets better, including this:

House Republicans, perhaps emboldened by the examples of Afghanistan and Iraq, are going to risk elections.

Enjoy: LINK:   WaPo.

(Please do not recommend this diary. Enjoy and then let it slide. Thanks.)

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