I’m looking for honest input to get an idea of where people are on some serious issues. These affect nearly all decisions that will help form our future. If you can, take a few minutes and answer any or all with as little or as much information you care to contribute.

GOP Scandal Tied To Iran-Contra Drug Trafficking

  1. Has the Intelligence Agency(ies) been responsible for the creation and existence of al Qaeda and other groups?
  2. Has IA been responsible for covert funding of operations through illegal means, such as drugs, gambling or other nonrecordable activities?
  3. Has IA shifted their financing into high tech software and internet industries? Is this part of the syndicate financing the Abramoff scandal?
  4. Did IA and justice departments have the 9/11 suspects either under surveillance or working as operatives or both?
  5. Are the majority of claimed WOT arrests and convictions based on false evidence and actually keeping relatively innocent people wrongly jailed?
  6. Is the WOT actually a way to cover up or silence witnesses from covert operations and activities in the past?
  7. In all of the above, has it been a history of other countries’ IA working in partnership with US on these matters?
  8. Would it do more harm than good to investigate all of this?
  9. Is Miles O’Brien from CNN a Mockingbird and used to explain away the airline attacks in the past as well as covering the WOT/bin Laden stories?

  10. Did you know it’s recently been put into law as a prosecutable offense to ‘annoy under an anonymous name’ on the internet?

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