Finally, it has actually been admitted that there are serious problems w/Medicare D.

Such as:

Since the Bush administration’s prescription medicine program began on Jan. 1, tens of thousands of elderly people have been unable to get medicines promised by the government. Some 20 states have had to jump in to help them.

Some of the specifics were detailed here:

most of these insurance companies aren’t notifying the people that they’re servicing..


a lot of people who qualify for extra help were put in as regular enrollees.  Which means they’re in for a lovely little $250.00 deductable.   Plus they’re NOT going to be paying their 1-3 dollar Copays.  They’re looking at fifty plus bucks a script.


national chain drugstores are now denying eligible people their drugs.

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And here are responses by a few of the Democrats:

Senator Edward Kennedy referred to Medicare D as

“systemwide failure” that…”puts the health of our frailest citizens at great risk.”

Senator Hillary Clinton compared this to the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina, calling Medicare D a

“man-made disaster”.


Fourteen Democratic governors signed a letter to George W. Bush, which stated that

“The time for all levels of government to act is now.”

There is concern about the consequences of Medicare D, as senior citizens do vote regularly and may take their frustration w/Medicare D out on those who supported it.  (Awwww!)   Annother concern is the fact that many senior citizens are getting help understanding the plan from their baby-boomer children, who also vote!

Perhaps it was summed up best by Paul C. Light, a professor of public service at NYU,

“It’s a very complicated program. I’d like to ask the president to explain it himself…If the president and the Cabinet had to enroll, I think they might soon find out that this is a very tangled web of promises that are difficult to unravel.”

That is, if he, if fact could explain it.  Hell, it wouldn’t suprise me if I knew more about the intricacies of how the damn thing actually worked than those idiots who voted for it!

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