I don’t know where she came from (well, upstate New York I gathered) but I was watching the Democratic presentation of their ‘Honest Leadership’ thingy-ma-bob and I saw American Democracy’s Saving Angel: Louise Slaughter.

With her obvious and emotional love of the very core American values I was raised on, and I think we have all felt jeopardized, she literally made me cry with her speech vowing their protection. Others have said it, but she knows what she means and means what she says. She’s the determined single Mom picking up the rest of the family and moving back home, now that Daddy’s drinking and gambling has lost the house and savings. Time to start over, but nothing will be as bad as this, she’ll be damn sure of that. And you could just see that was just the way it was going to be.

I don’t cry often, and never before from pride in an American politician, but there it was. When she was done with her incredible ‘truth bomb’ of her speech, and having thrown down the gauntlet of true reform for the Democrats and the American people, I looked down and I was unconsciously clapping and weeping. She hit the proverbial home run with me. If you get the chance, listen to it. It’s what we’ve all heard before, but just right, and from just the right person. Bravo.

The real shame of it all was that everyone but CSPAN cut the thing two speeches too early. She was the real deal that the Dems have to put forward as often as possible and really, they should take their lead from the likes of her: She looks like she gives the best hugs in the world, speaks with authority about the country we all thought we had and want back, and kicked the mob’s ass all over New York state.

As she put it, “There’s a reason they call me ‘Slaughter.'”

I hope Polosi shuts it for a spell and let’s her speak for the House Dems for a while..

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