OK, does anyone even know that the Democrats finally showed some proverbial ‘balls’ yesterday?

Not if they don’t watch C-SPAN. Another “I’m fed up with corporate media!” moment if there ever was one.

All the 24 hour news outlets started with coverage of the ‘Honest Leadership and Open Government Act’ ceremony, but cut out before anything more substantive than ‘Hello’ was said. When the story  re-surfaced on these same channels, the Dems were dismissed at best and ridiculed for pledging to make real reform happen in our Congress for the first time in years. Not even a sound bite of Rep. Louise Slaughter’s barnburner of a speech that ‘threw the gauntlet down’. It was treated by corporate media as if their proposal was even more ridiculous and self-serving than the Republicans, with their campaign contribution as ‘plenary indulgence’ take on reform.

Hell it’s barely getting discussed here!

Wolf Blitzer and Kieth Olbermann both basically laughed them off, without even presenting their case. Disappointing Shitheads (candidates for ‘Worst Person in the World’?). And now the story just fades and fades without ever really being told.

The Dems had better have some more follow through to get people aware of what they are up to.

And someone please shut that Polosi woman’s pie hole, it does us no good. Slaughter up front and center, with an Obama opener to get the crowd attentive.

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