Good Morning Silicon Valley reports:

Google saw the Bush administration’s request for its search records as “overbroad, unduly burdensome, vague and intended to harass.” Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL, mmmm, not so much.  A Justice Department spokesman on Thursday confirmed that those three companies were also subpoenaed in late August as  part of the administration’s effort to resuscitate the Child Online Protection Act,  legislation torpedoed by the Supreme Court two years ago on grounds that it violates our right to free speech and is unconstitutional (see “What if we promise not to show the records to Karl Rove?”). All of them complied with requests for search data. And today, all of them are doing their damndest to put a positive spin on their cooperation.

And the media comment on this ?

You guessed it. They side with the Bushies. See it below the fold


Thats the gist of the news articles I’ve seen regarding this topic which must make GOOG investors pissed. I mean the whole market is down a ton today, but GOOG is getting hit hard:

To see how to avoid the tracking read here

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