Via Raw Story:

By setting their hopes on a “fake story,” Democrats ruined whatever chance they had of keeping Samuel Alito off the Supreme Court, according to Frank Rich in a column slated for Sunday’s New York Times, RAW STORY has learned.

While Rich attacks all sides for not “meeting even the low threshold of truthiness” during the confirmation hearings, some of his harshest criticisms are directed at Senator Kennedy and other Democrats for making a big deal out of Alito’s membership in a conservative group that’s been accused of bigotry. Rich notes that the story had already been exposed as “fake” in The Times. “The Republicans would never have been so sloppy,” Rich writes.

This will be Rich’s last column until spring. “Starting next week, I will be on a book leave, writing nonfiction about our post-9/11 fictions,” Rich informs his readers. … Raw Story

Oh, the truthiness of it all makes my head hurt. (Use this as an Open Thread too …)

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