Go Seahawks!!

Update [2006-1-22 21:52:7 by BooMan]: Congratulations to Susan and all the Seahawk fans. And congratulations to the Steelers fans too. It should be a great matchup.

Update [2006-1-22 22:2:5 by susanhu]: THANK YOU, BooMan! Thanks for your tremendous support (in so many ways) and for your enthusiasm! This has NEVER happened to us before. Oh, how I wish my mom and dad were alive to see this. They were both devout Seahawk fans. This will thrill children in Eastern Oregon, in tiny towns in Idaho, and in small coastal villages of Washington state because — like the Mariners — the Seahawks are a true Northwest team, and everybody in the surrounding states, rural towns, and little farms miles from anything else loves them!

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