I am glad Social Security wasn’t in the market.  It is also a reminder that what a congressman does in another state,or how they vote, impacts everyone. I am fighting for a Congressional Seat against Mike Pence who wants to privatize Social Security and give people the illusion of possible great wealth.  That just really makes me angry.  My mother died in September and without Social Security, I hate to think what her quality of life would have been like.  At least she did not have to suffer through the current Medicaid Prescription Drug Debacle.

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People call Social Security and Medicaid, Entitlements, as if you are called `Duke’ or `Duchess’ or `Lord’ or `Lady’ as if royalty.  Social Security and Medicaid are not `Entitlements’ and anyone that wants to spin it that way is simply showing how elitist they are.  Social Security will be even more imperative with the continued gutting of pension plans.  Does your loss of pension impact the CEO?  You bet, he is going to get a bigger percentage, because that pension is an expense and expenses cut into profit margins.  People Before Profits.  I am Barry Welsh and that is the mantra of our campaign to unseat Mike Pence, People Before Profits.

While I am pointing things out, The latest tape from Osama Bin Laden reminds us of the mistake in losing focus on this real threat and invading Iraq.   Sadly, it also reminds us of the need for Real Homeland Security, and the lack of security on our borders, harbors and ports.   Is it really a good idea to have most of The National Guard overseas, and if they must be overseas, shouldn’t they be trying to find Osama Bin Laden, instead of being targets in Iraq?

I was not there, but I watched on TV as Former Vice President Al Gore gave a wonderful speech at Constitution Hall.  As I said I was not there, but my question is, Did anyone have to sign an oath of loyalty to get in the door, or was this an American event and open to all?

My name is Barry Welsh and I am a Democratic candidate for US Congress in Indiana’s 6th District, currently held by Mike Pence, and I am  running a grass roots campaign with all volunteer advisors and staff.  Your $100.00 contribution to this campaign would buy 20 yard signs or pay for 10 thirty second radio spots.  One hundred dollars is a lot of money to you and me, I understand that and will be frugal with all funds.  Visit our website and consider donating something to the fight against Neo Conservatives.  We will both be glad you did!

Thank You

Barry Welsh Indiana 6th District Democratic Congressional Candidate.

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