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On January 24th:

  • 1848     James Marshall was the first to discover gold in California, at Sutter’s Mill near Coloma.
  • 1916     The US Supreme Court ruled that income tax is unconstitutional.
  • 1916     Conscription was introduced in Britain.
  • 1935     Beer in cans was first sold, in Virginia, USA, by the Kreuger Brewing Company.
  • 1952     Vincent Massey was the first Canadian to be appointed governor-general of Canada (-Sept 1959).
  • 1962     French film director François Truffaut’s Jules et Jim premiered in Paris.
  • 1978     A Russian satellite crashed near Yellow Knife in Canada’s Northwest Territory.
  • 1990     Japan launched the first probe to be sent to the Moon since 1976; it placed a small satellite in lunar orbit (March).
  • 1991     More than 15,000 Allied air sorties were flown in the Gulf War, with 23 aircraft lost.

Dates courtesy of Historytoday.com

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