Recently Attorney General Gonzales released a 42 page legal memo to defend Bush’s domestic spying program. It seems as if he included a memo that says that Bush doesn’t need the Patriot act to continue enhanced surveillance techniques against any terror suspects in the US. Turns out he already had that authority from Congress’ OK to use force.

Who knew?

If they really believed their own bullshit, then why has Bush and his whole league of minions been screaming about renewing the Patriot Act? One could reasonably come to the conclusion that they’re making this all up as they go along.

”The USA Patriot Act amendments made important corrections in the general application of” existing laws governing searches and wiretaps, the footnote said, adding that the act was ”not intended to define the precise incidents of military force that would be available to the president in prosecuting the current armed conflict against Al Qaeda and its allies.” Hutchinson, the University of Chicago law professor, said that in trying to show that Congress gave Bush unlimited powers to investigate possible Al Qaeda plots, the administration has contradicted its arguments that it is necessary for Congress to reauthorize the Patriot Act in order to protect the nation from terror threats.

”It muddies the waters,” Hutchinson said.

I don’t think that’s mud, Mr. Hutchinson.

This is so outrageous. They are not only trying to turn illegal wiretapping into a political asset, they’re also nakedly grabbing more and more power. I guess they think they can get away with absolutely anything. I want names of the Democrats who can find it in their hearts to vote no on Alito, but can’t figure out in their pea brains that this is the moment for Democrats to stand up and support a filibuster.

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