Therefore, unless a serious independent movement can take shape,
one committed to conservative principles and constitutional government, prepare yourselves for long term Democratic majorities.

This statement comes from Chuck Baldwin a libertarian conservative who preaches and has his own radio show.
A few more tidbits.

GOP In Serious Trouble
By Chuck Baldwin
January 24, 2006

One does not have to be a prophet to see that the future of the national Republican Party is very bleak. It also seems that the GOP is willingly assisting its own demise.

In the first place, the GOP has betrayed its conservative base-big time! “Republicans may like to brag that they are the party of Ronald Reagan and are dedicated to the policies and principles for which [Reagan] stood, but they are acting more like members of the party of Lyndon Johnson.” Those words were written by
Michael Reagan, President Reagan’s son. He is right, of course.

Michael Reagan also wrote, “Republicans, those vaunted
champions of fiscal integrity and honesty in government, showed just how they are dedicated to my dad’s principles by greedily looting the federal budget of billions of dollars to fund their pet projects and keep the voters back home happy and in a mood to re-elect them.”

and this:

The sad truth is, in terms of fiscal responsibility, the Bush-led GOP have become the most irresponsible spenders in U.S. history!
Instead of re-electing them, we should be prosecuting them for acts of criminality!

The worm continues to turn as the beat goes on. Where Bush succeeded in dividing America, maybe the repugs in congress will succeed in actually uniting us again- not in all ways, of course, but any little improvement would be nice for a change.

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