Just waking up after a late night session on AM radio.  Appeared as guest on KFGO-AM, Fargo last night, with local host John Strand.  It was a hoot.  I don’t think the streaming audio from KFGO was working, so I doubt that many Boo Tribbers had a chance to listen.  But after the interview, I logged on and saw that ND Dem had lived blogged a bit of the interview at the All-Night Froggy Bottom Cafe.  And that was cool.  Reading your thoughts that were broadcast on the radio and then live-blogged on your favorite Internet site.  It is kind of like the Rethug echo machine.  We are building the new media.  As Connecticut Dem diaried earlier this week.  All you have to do is write your own account.  And get out there and start yammering about it.  People will come.
So it is hard to rate your own performance on the radio.  But I think it went really well.  Got to talk about how the “war on terror” is being used to attack our long standing civil liberties.  Sounded patriotic, I think, because I am patriotic.  Damn it, this political use of 9/11 is threatening the very foundations of our Constitutional system.  I know it.  You know it.  And I think a lot of the callers to the show last night know it, too.  And maybe a few more people who were listening.

It’s okay to talk about it.  We have to.  We are all scared.  As we ought to be.  And we need to talk.  To seek solutions.  Political.  Practical.  It sure as hell beats going down without so much as a simper.

So the calls to the radio station seemed to be largely supportive of my ideas.  Man are people in Fargo area kind.  The host.  Awesome.  Like Larry King, only smarter.

One true wing-nut caller.  The first time I’ve really encountered open hostility for speaking my views in public.  Cited a bunch of statistics about terrorists operating all over the globe, and then asked, “So you really oppose the USA Patriot Act.”  Simple answer.  Absolutely oppose it.  All of it.  Don’t want to sacrifice my liberty for the sake of security.  I could have done better responding to him.  But I’m a rookie.  And the most important thing, I think, is just not to back down from these people.  They ask these loaded question.  Like you can’t really mean that.  And a simple and straightforward, “Yup.  I mean it.  Completely” Seems to be okay.

I’m also struck by the tone of talk radio.  You know, how we all rail about how idiotic and vitriolic it is.  But in reality, I think it is less strident than what we write on blogs everyday.  We are very harsh, here in writing.  I know I am.  Very, very opinionated.  But, when you are out actually talking with people, I think some mandatory civility takes over.  At least for me.  I don’t think I could ever say some of the things I write.  I tend to say things in a more open minded way.  Because I’m engaged in some kind of active and immediate two-way communication.  So you are constantly gauging what your listener(s) are sensing, and easing off the very strident and confrontational lines you might pursue in writing.  That’s just my take.  Reminds me of being in front of a jury.  I can’t help but trying to sound like a moderate when I’m trying to convince people.  I may make logical arguments that are grounded well outside of what might be considered center-moderate thinking, but they are usually couched in pleasant tones at least.  And I like that.  I’m civil at heart, I guess.   Despite what you all probably think of me, from knowing my writing.

Well — off to go speak with my local wing-nut Congressman.  He’s having community coffee today, and I have some questions for him as to why he supports torture.  Here is a question I’m stealing from a commentor at dKos:

Sir.  I want to start by thanking you for your support of torture.  On that topic, I have a relative who is interested in a career as a professional torturer.  I’m wondering, do you think it would be best for him to joining the CIA, or the military?

Strikes me as hilarious.  Though I can’t imagine the wing-nut crowd will receive it all that well.  Well, at least the new Patriot Act language hasn’t been enacted yet, right.  It is not a felony, yet, to crack a joke pointing out how ridiculous it is to support torture at a campaign stop.  As far as I know.  It may warrant surveillance.  But no arrest.  I think.

Thanks to ND Dem for setting up the interview.  And for all the help with the Fargo tour stop.  And CT Dem for his words on the media.  Can you hear me now? (Just a random thought from the cellphone commercial guy).

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