I just got an extraordinary challenge from a staffer in Jeff Bingaman’s office:

2000 calls against cloture to his office in the next 20 minutes and Bingaman will be goddamned impressed enough to reconsider his Yes vote on Cloture.

It didn’t occur to me to leave him my name, but I did tell him I’d be making an appeal on the Internet.

Here’s the toll-free number (though they’ll probably tell you the line is busy): 888 355 3588

Here’s the direct number to Jeff Bingaman’s office: 202 224 5521

Don’t bother arguing, just tell them:

“I’m one of the 2000 people from the Internet one of your recent callers promised you’d hear from in the next 20 minutes, and I’m demanding/requesting/asking that Senator Bingaman vote NO on cloture.”

Let’s see if this means ANYTHING. Make the call.

202 224 5521

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