…and my fight begins with thanking the fighters.  Here’s my letter to Senator Kerry:

Dear Senator Kerry,

I applaud your courage to take your heart to the floor of the Senate.  My god, I did not expect it, honestly, from either you, Senator Clinton, and especially not from Senator Feinstein, although I was not surprised by Senator Kennedy.  He’s a real war horse, wounded, scarred, but fighting ever so hard no matter what.

How I wish others could get their courage together and stop being afraid of the bullies that use any means except truth and integrity to meet their goals.  You know who they are.  Their actions reek of cowardice and fear.  It’s time to capitalize on their shakey cover.  The country IS behind you.  You must continue on this road.  If you do, I’m convinced that you will continue to get the support that rose up suddenly over the weekend.

Yes, we lost on Alito.  BUT, a more important thing emerged: the majority of Democratic Senators voted AGAINST Alito AND cloture.  Given that Alito was virtually anointed way ahead of time, and that only three days were available – this was a GREAT effort and WIN, as far as I’m concerned.

Thank you so much.  It was the right thing to do, and you saw what happened as a result of your search for input on the blogs.  We rallied for you, and I’m about to write other thank-you’s to Senators Kennedy, Clinton, and Feinstein, and those others with courage that voted against cloture, putting aside their own political concerns in favor of the whole-being of our country.

Growing a spine takes time, but we got a burst of calcium today.

Much love and the best to you,

Gabriele Droz

I hope you agree that thanking those who DID stand up, is a decent strategy to get more of the same.  Over this weekend, with hundreds of thousands of emails, faxes and phonecalls, we had a powerful impact on a short-lived debate.

Broken hearts and blaming are the first reaction – but do nothing to help strengthen the Democratic spine. But by showing our appreciation to those who DO fight, putting their necks out on the line, we strengthen the spine we want to see.  They are our leaders, for better or worse, but it’s also up to us to help them grow that spine.

I’m sorry, but I could not find direct email addresses for them in a timely fashion.  If you have their direct contact emails, could you please add links for all of us?

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