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An Iraqi journalist (2nd from bottom, L) lies among the dead at a morgue after a suicide bomb attack in Baghdad January 23, 2006. A suicide car bomber attacked a security checkpoint in central Baghdad on Monday, killing at least two people and wounding six others close to the Green Zone government compound, police said. Police said the wounded included three civilians and three policemen. REUTERS/Ali Jasim

Daylight Savings
by Maura MacNeil

allow the raven who shatters the windshield
on the river road, harried and confused

by the change of our schedule, to remain
feather tossed and broken in struggle

without need to erase what we commit
because what is done is done.

allow the river beside the road to toss brown
and do not name it with your denotations,

and allow the fear last night that slowed the car
without will the name of raven killed today

the name of what you do not yet know.
do not hold a brown river with bird

and falling leaf in a photograph to name it:
the day of river after rain.

do not name air that strips the trees wind.
do not move into it wanting its name.

– – –

put a meaningful magnet on your car or metal filing cabinet

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