The two No. Dakota senators, Landrieu, Cantwell (!), Olympia Snowe, Rockefeller .. haven’t committed yet. The current total is 57 Yes / 37 No. So close. (Carl Levin is also critical, as is Jay Rockefeller who hasn’t even told his staff. Bingaman too.)

Use this new thread for Judiciary chair Alren Specter’s speech, the closing majority/minority speeches (Frist/Reid) and the vote count (for which i need your help).

Update [2006-1-30 16:33:52 by susanhu]:Chafee to NARAL: Screw You,” by georgia10. (That oughta give NARAL pause about supporting Republicans in the future.)

TED KENNEDY, at the conclusion of his speech, predicts the GOP won’t get cloture. (And I just heard that Tom Harkin is abstaining .. damndest thing.)

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