I may try to live-blog Raw Story’s own Larisa Alexandrovna, appearing at 11pm PT / 2am ET tonight on the Young Turks weekend filibuster live show. Are any of you going to be up around then? By the way, and I think this is weird, their page was blank until I registered with the site and logged in. So, register first, and then you can click on

the link to watch/listen to the live show. … Update [2006-1-30 2:5:10 by susanhu]: Someone at Daily Kos posted this alternate listening link in Martin’s top-rated diary — sometimes Young Turks has gotten overloaded. So try the other if you need to. We’re about to start … . Brad “BradBlog” Friedman is on now.

ALSO: “Breaking News: Cloture vote too close to call – Alito may be blocked” … “Annatopia says we are only two votes shy of sustaining the filibuster …”

OPEN THREAD! … (Tonight, “Crash” won best ensemble cast in a movie at the SAG awards, being repeated right now on TNT. I saw that film, and very much liked it … it hooked me emotionally, and there was some great acting in it. Yes, the events are implausible, but I didn’t even think about that while I watched. And, yes, Sandra Bullock was EXCELLENT in her serious role. “Crash” also makes great statements about race roles in the U.S.)

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