Reform, reform, reform are Topics A, B and C right now in D.C., and spreading throughout the country.

Well, despite the need by so many to issue a sarcastic, belittling or dismissing (however inaccurate) one paragraph putdown blurb, the “Crashing The Gate” book by Jerome Armstrong and Markos Moulitsas Zuniga is simply a tome for reform. The timing is absolutely impeccable.
But the establishment within the Democratic Party–those currently holding a death grip over power and influence and it literally is a death grip as national elections continue to be fumbled and lost–will hate it. Simply because they have the most to lose personally. Expect them to join with many on the political right in a simplistic Greek chorus chant of ‘the wacky, far-out, middle America mainstream-hating liberals want to destroy this country.’

Sorry propagandists. Go offer yourself to the highest bidder, being it a newspaper, syndicator, corporation or partisan political entity, and continue with your siren songs. Your true values are showing–for you, it’s always been all about yourself, yourself, yourself and invariably will.

“Crashing the Gate” IS about being open to beyond the established, the traditional or the so-called orthodox. It savors new ideas, reform, and change to become more inclusive, honest and ethical. It advocates transformation and outlines both the reasons why and the personal, community and national benefits of doing so.

Hell, even Simon Rosenberg of the New Democrat Network, who has a foot in both the reform and the establishment Democratic camps, is quoted: “Crashing the Gate” of is a shot across the bow at the political establishment in Washington D.C. and a call to re-democratize politics in America.” This is why the book is far too radical and dangerous to the porkers currently lapping at the trough.

Because many in the mainstream media are too busy, lazy, ignorant, simplistic, scared or in lockstep to actually read the book and determine the real message, we need to pressure various entities to host Jerome and Markos as they begin their book tour.

We need our Dynamic Duo to appear on C-SPAN, Meet The Press, This Week With George Stephanopoulos, Face The Nation, Larry King, Lou Dobbs…

Here is the contact information for the various entities. Go for it.

Suggest an even to C-SPAN


Contact the producer of C-SPAN’S “Washington Journal”

C-SPAN main telephone number
(202) 737-3220

Comments to “Meet The Press”

“This Week With George Stephanopoulos” Message Board

“This Week with George Stephanopoulos” Comments About The Show

Comments to “Face The Nation”

“Face The Nation” telephone number
(202) 457-4481

Comments to “Larry King Live”

Comments to “Lou Dobbs Tonight”

And, no, I am not related in any way, shape or form to either author nor will I benefit financially from this book becoming a best seller. However, I, along with millions of others, WILL benefit from the adoption and implementation of much of what is contained in “Crashing the Gate.”

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