This is an action item.

Today is the vote on the Deficit Reduction Act.  Passage of it would reduce funding for Student Loans, Medicaid, Medicare and Farm Subsidies, amongst other things.

Personally, reduction of the current bloated defecit sounds good, but not when it’s done on the backs of the poor, the elderly and students.  I posted yesterday on the Medicaid impact but it was lost in the, umm, hoopla.    

It has already passed in the Senate.  Today is the House vote.

We need to dust ourselves off and call our representatives.  My earlier call yielded the information that my representative, Sue Kelly (R-NY), is as of yet undecided.  I will call her local offices after I post this.  

Make the call.  You know the toll free number but here it is again: 888 355 3588.  Thank you.

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