‘Twas the night of the SOTU, and all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, except for the louse

On the tube at the moment, whose staggering speech

Seemed to fill up the TV with some sort of screech

From the depths of his being, a muted complaint

About Muslims and enemies…’twas not for the faint.

It was ugly and boring…just what I expected

And in under a minute, the changer inspected

Alternative options…the nights are too short

To waste watching fools and their fiction reports.
So I surfed through the channels, and what did I find?

A great movie…a favorite of mine, one that eventually opens the mind

To the truth of the matter…that we’ve been invaded

By creatures who owe more to good ol’ Darth Vader

Than to Lincoln or Kennedy, Franklin and them.

Ones in the business of creating mayhem

Wherever they land…they’re not human, you see

They are aliens come to colonize me

And to conquer you too…they’ll bore you to tears

And jerk you around with your very worst fears.

Terr’ists and such…they know just how to do it

They’ve got Rover clones and others who knew it

Before they were born…they were made to be hustlers.

(Genetically trained to be media musclers.)

So you’d better be nice, you’d better not cry

You’d better be good, I’m telling you why.

Nazi Germany is coming to town.

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Wearing a clown suit, this time.

Bread and circuses.

And death, death, death.

Later…for ALL of this shit.


P.S.The movie I watched instead of “Bozo the President Jerks Off The Nation”?

“They Live”

A piece of B movie crap that has more truth in it that almost every word ever written on any liberal blog.

Rowdy Roddy Piper…the only even moderately intelligent and talented wrestling star ever to emerge from THAT particular pile of bullshit…cast as a rough hewn construction guy who accidentally finds some special sunglasses that allow him to see that most of the middle class and higher people in the world are in reality hideously ugly aliens in disguise who are using the people of the earth for their own nefarious purposes. Complete with a subliminal control machine mechanism embedded in all advertising, newspapers and TV broadcasts.

Of course…the good guys win, which MAY be the only truly fictional part of this movie.

We shall see about that…and soon too, I think.

The speech and ALL those that treat it as anything but a sick joke?

Bugs Bunny pinned it way back in the ’40s.


I’m outta here.

NEWSTRIKE!!!, y’all.

Can there be any OTHER valid reaction to such bullshit?

The pundits seriously chewing on this foolishness?

The blogs rehashing the hash yet again?


A time whose idea has come.


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