“This March will mark the beginning of the 4th year of the war in Iraq. In contrast, U.S. involvement in WWI came to an end after 19 months. Victory in Europe was declared in WWII after 3 years 5 months. In the Korean War, a cease-fire was signed after 3 years and 1 month. But after more than three and a half years into the war in Iraq, your administration finally produced what is called a “Plan for Victory” in Iraq.” -from John Murtha’s “Letter To The President,” on The Huffington Post. Thanks to Crooks and Liars for the tip, where you can also view video of Murtha on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” with Wolf Blitzer.

And from Iraq today, via Riverbend on her blog Baghdad Burning, comes this:

“Americans write to me wondering, “But where are the educated Iraqis? Why didn’t they vote for secular parties?” The educated Iraqis have been systematically silenced since 2003. They’ve been pressured and bullied outside of the country. They’ve been assassinated, detained, tortured and abducted. Many of them have lost faith in the possibility of a secular Iraq.”

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