Wow!  What terrific digging all you dataminers did in the Enron database!

Hat tips to the many Moon of Alabama people who sent us the lead and asked for our help. Below is a very quick summary of some of the key points you all have found:

  • Important debunking of our earlier thoughts:  As Kossak Jotter pointed out, the GOPUSAers having email addies @ is a red herring.  It’s an artifact of cleaning up the data on unknown emails and such. The content, however, still is pertinent. Jotter’s wisdom
  • The Bush Administration was ready to begin work on the energy policy (with Enron emails clearly identifying Cheney as the power behind the throne three days after the 2000 Supreme Court decision…and Enron looked all prepared.   Luaptifer has compiled all the great information from the previous diary and the ePMedia researchers into a commentary that will be coming soon.
  • Definite evidence of cronyism between Enron folks and administration as seen in this email that waitingtoderail discovered from Enron’s Robertson to Shapiro:  

    Ken did take an opportunity to speak with Bob Zoellick directly and at length about steel. We ran into Zoellick in the West Wing as we were departing. Zoellick told Ken that he understood our position. He indicated general agreement with us, but did say that if he is able to “trade” steel for a larger political deal on fast track or something of that level, he would entertain putting steel into play.

  • Delay wanted to influence Enron’s VP hiring to “Republican only,” but apparently Enron resisted.
  • There are ethical journalists out there. Silence found this remarkable email from Peter Behr then at the Washington Post indicating that he was Doing the right thing.
  • Dkos users back2basics and salvador found the emails discussing the Enron donations to Delay’s various initiatives, including the Texas redistricting.  Check the original diary at Ready to go data mining?

  • KristyZ’s finding that Rove sold his Enron shares before the share prices and enron tanked is intriguing.

There are a gazillion more good finds in that thread, thanks to everyone…

We are narrowing down looking at these connections – FERC, Energy Commissions, Steel Policies, Congressional member influencing – can any of you help?   Please post here or over on ePluribus Community so we can try to collate and summarize.

What a treasure trove of stinking cronyism!

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