I just received the following from Dwight Pelz [PHOTO CENTER], our newly elected Washington State Democratic Chair.

(PHOTO: From Progressive Majority of Washington State site)

“Re: ”Maria is not The Enemy”

The Right Wing Republicans that control Washington DC are committed to eliminating the Middle Class in America. They want to eliminate Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, pensions, and our employer-based health care system. They do not believe in public education, or access to higher education for low income students. They do not believe in building mass transit systems, or in repairing roads and bridges. They do not believe that Global Warming is a problem, nor that clean air and clean water are an amenity to our quality of life. They oppose a woman’s right to choose, and civil rights for all Americans. They have judges like Alito lined up like Seahawk fans seeking Super Bowl tickets. They wage a senseless, immoral war in Iraq, while needlessly provoking international tensions in countless other locations. They are pursuing a titanic shift in income allocation in America from the middle class to the very rich, and they intend to saddle generations with mountains of debt.

They hope that Maria Cantwell is defeated in seven months.

Your Choice.

Dwight Pelz

Update [2006-2-3 19:49:12 by howieinseattle]: Goldy from Horsesass.org looks at Cantwell’s voting record as well her current opponent’s recent political history and chimes in from a different angle, with the same recommendation.

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From the Dwight Pelz for State Chair campaign site. Pelz was elected last weekend.

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