The chaos happening around the globe is so overwhelming. Here’s an easy way to make a difference and it’ll only cost you 84 cents.

I spent July 2004 working on a documentary about an orphanage for girls in Sri Lanka. Their fathers were killed during the war and their mothers eventually committed suicide. Sri Lankan widows are stigmatized and “worthless to society.”
I spent more time playing with the girls than I did working. Ten of the teenage girls were kidnapped by the Tamil Tigers and forced to become soldiers. They were brought to the orphanage after being rescued by UNICEF. It was a surreal experience. We were talking about AK-47s and remote controlled hand grenades one minute, and dancing and drawing the next. They are hungry for the most basic form of affection and love.

Unfortunately, violence is escalating near the orphanage and humanitarian groups are leaving the area.

The orphanage is requesting cards and letters to make the girls feel better. They’ll be read by the girls, a few elders and the staff. The postage is 84 cents. They love photos and drawings. The message can be simple: Sending peace your way from the United States.

The address is:

Grace Care Center
3rd Milepost
Uppuveli, Trincomalee
Sri Lanka

On the back of the envelope, write: STOP THE VIOLENCE – LOVE WITHOUT BORDERS

They’d like to receive all of the letters by February 28.

Please forward to friends who might be interested in sending a card or letter. It’s a small gesture, but it’ll mean so much to these girls…and it’ll only take a few minutes.

Thanks! For photos, visit:

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