“John Boehner, the new Majority Leader talked with MTP and responded to a question about corruption in Iraq.

‘It may not benefit our generation, but for our kids and theirs, this maybe the greatest gift we give them.’

-via Crooks and Liars, with video from Boehner’s appearance on “Meet The Press” Sunday.

Here you have this rovian leader attempting to use our shared value of a concern about the legacy we are leaving our grandchildren, to sell a present day disaster. Progressives could use this frame to talk about the costs of this policy (financial, political and spiritual) to our future generations. Update [2006-2-6 8:34:56 by howieinseattle]: The Huffington Post now has a longer quote as well as a link to the full MTP transcript. You can see how Boehner gets his frame right up there in his first few lines, when he is asked about the “morass” in Iraq. You also see how he has a subtext going about “sacrifice” in there: It may look really bad now, but it’s a good thing, in the long run.

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