We have been discussing our dissatisfaction with the strategies of our Democratic candidates: clever framing vs. plain truth, civil discussion vs. all out attack, strong statements of liberal values vs. courting of moderates.

We have complained that the Democratic message isn’t clear, that our leaders are lukewarm or unfocused. These problems will persist until we deal with a conflict of interests that cripples all our efforts.

America is represented by the Enthusiastic Big Business Party and the Reluctant Big Business Party.  While the Republicans gleefully shovel our country’s wealth from the poor and middle class into the pockets of the rich, the Democrats passively queue up at the troth.  

Democrats cannot credibly campaign for the reduction of poverty, support for unions, fair wages, worker protection, comprehensive safety nets, equal opportunity, social justice, universal health care, fair taxes and peace unless they are willing to forego corporate  support, and honestly work to redress the terrible imbalance wrought by unchecked, rapacious capitalism.

As my grandmother used to say, you can’t lie down with the cattle and the corn.  Well, you can, but nobody will believe that you represent the corn’s best interests.

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