MSNBC just announced that Jill Carroll has been released by her captors. Thank god. Update [2006-2-9 17:22:51 by susanhu]: (Well, it appears that MSNBC was wrong. That could have come from a wire service. Don’t know. CNN said only that a new video has been released. Sigh.)

And, please sign this easy form at HSUS on horse slaughter. Here’s the background story .. and it’s another prime example of how the executive branch is screwing the congressional branch:

In a hard-won battle last year, the American people convinced Congress to stop the use of tax dollars to promote horse slaughter. Now, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the administrative agency charged with carrying out Congress’ will, is thumbing its nose at federal lawmakers and attempting to find a way around Congress’ directive to stop inspections for the cruel and un-American horse slaughter industry. USDA announced that it will bow to the foreign-owned industry’s request to create a whole new payment structure for horse slaughter inspections, an effort that directly undermines Congress’ mandate and the law.

Please tell USDA to stop bucking the will of Congress and implement the horse slaughter ban.

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