The courts will judge Bush? Yeah — well, no, not so much. The majority of the Supreme Court — the controlling group of fascist thugs who shredded the Constitution to set up the Bush-Cheney Illegitimacy and its unconstitutional power grab in January 2001, who shredded federalism and legal equity with “Raich” in 2005, and who shredded “eminent domain” in 2005 so that predator elitists all over the world can have any US property they want — are incompetent to judge anything. And they’re the ones who will keep Bush safe from any lower federal bench judgment.

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Open Letter to Marty Aussenberg, columnist, Memphis Flyer.

It’s always alarming to me to see the working media trying to sell the 8th grade civics text-books version of how government should work as something explaining how government actually works.  Any time working media does this, any time I see you guys overlaying money-power’s propagandizing fiction on top of how government actually works, I have a whole string of cringe-days.

The courts will judge Bush?  Yeah — well, no, not so much.  The majority of the Supreme Court — the controlling group of fascist thugs who shredded the Constitution to set up the Bush-Cheney Illegitimacy and its unconstitutional power grab in January 2001, who shredded federalism and legal equity with “Raich” in 2005, and who shredded “eminent domain” in 2005 so that predator elitists all over the world can have any US property they want — are incompetent to judge anything.  And they’re the ones who will keep Bush safe from any lower federal bench judgment.

The independence of the federal bench is an 18th Century provision of predator elitism, forced onto the people so that the predator elitists and their class would always have a trump card with which to control the sovereign people.  The predators had witnessed the great power of that trump card in the national debate that raged from 1776 to 1787.  The debate was based on governance principles as understood by most Americans, and as reflected by Jefferson in his “founding principles” of the Declaration of Independence.  It was over whether the sovereign people had the right to instruct their legislatures as to what laws would be passed and what laws would be vetoed — today’s Initiative and Referendum (I&R) in 23 active I&R states.

In that first national debate, the judges, with their arbitrary rulings, were the glue that held together the smoke and mirrors of predator elitism, while the powerful organized to keep the despicable commoners down.

Hamilton’s great constitutional convention in Philadelphia, summer of 1787, was the power-play that ended the decade-long national debate in favor of the bigoted predators.  The predatory founders were true to their class, not to their new nation.  The elitist-favoring Constitution buried the fundamental governance rights of the sovereign people beyond reach, leaving a “stable” government for the tyranny of the minority.

Representatives are the sovereign in a republic, said our predatory founders.  Not so, said their critics.  No citizen rights to instruct the legislatures, no republic.  As it was in the anciet Roman Republic, said the ordinary people, so it should be here.  Citizen lawmaking had been a centerpiece for 400 years in Republican Rome.  All ordinary Americans knew it.  They misunderstood what they knew — but they knew it, all the same.

The predators’ political descendents didn’t have to give ground anytime soon after the unconstitutional and illegal ratification of the Constitution.  The people were bamboozled — by predators, judges, and media cheerleaders — into accepting representatives as the sovereign of this nation.  But that ended in the increased democracy agonies of Reform Era I, 1898-1918.   Citizens of 24 US states rammed direct democracy governance components, beyond the mere election of representatives, down the elitist throats of their state constitutions.

The predators fought the constitutionality of I&R in the courts and lost their butts in many ways.  In the court decisions affirming the people’s right to I&R, judges from the Supremes and coast to coast confirmed that the people are the sovereign here, not the representatives.

The social justice crushing of the 1920s Supreme Court — which flung us into the Great Depression — was just a mild-mannered precursor to the social justice crushings of the Supreme Court’s 1990s and 2000s rulings.  Additionally, the Republifascist-controlled Congress cancelled the post-Depression protections given to us in the Glass-Steagal Act of 1933, and gave money-power the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Modernizaiton Act of 1999 in its place.  Gramm has all the Mack-Truck loopholes needed for the financial services industry to rip hundreds of billions of dollars out of American investors and employees.  And Gramm is still out there, just waiting to host the next round of multi-billion-dollar rip-offs.  It’s only a matter of time before some bizarro gouge scheme goes out of control.

We’ve been set up for another Great Depression.

And what dots do the working media connect for us?  If the connecting of any dots even hints at something offensive to money-power, the working media avoids it like the plague.

Thankfully, Bush is not going to last any longer than Tricky Dick the Crook.  But how many more times, I ask myself, will the American people have to go through the realities of how government actually works before we make changes to the Constitution to end the constant cycles of money-power takeovers?  How many more times will the American people allow corruption, greed, and unconstitutional crisis to put the American nation at mortal risk?  How many more times will the working media ram the 8th-grade civics textbooks down our collective throats, while the realities of government’s actual workings butchers us for profits and power — and enrages all the wrong tribes, all the wrong out-nations, into another holy war against us?

The Saudi kingdom’s grand mufti today, speaking to millions of Muslims at the hajj, described the West’s war against Islam in holy-of-holy terms.  He concluded that the warriors of Allah will succeed.  How’s that for Bush’s more stable world?  They’ve got about a billion more warriors than we do.  The US working media should be paying attention, instead of taking pay for propagandizing the money-power fictions.

The terrible fascist-governance realities that we face now, because of money-power’s unique despotism led by Bush-Cheney — the dual-party, three-branch despotism that is the Empire that makes its own burning reality while the media fiddles — will take a decade to rip out of our legal fabric and to just begin worldwide repayment for our sins and aggressions.

Of course, there is no restitution that can even approach the unconstitutionally waged and internationally illegal war of aggression in Iraq, with its attendant and grossly illegal torture-murder gulag.  That gulag has made us unclean and unrighteous among the nations.  Freedom from torture was one of the bedrock human rights of the UN’s 1948 “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”.  I’d never been ashamed of my citizenship — until Bush-Cheney’s War and systematic torture.  Sixty-plus years of pride in my nation — ended with my national government turning me into an accomplice to fascist warmaking, murder, and torture.

The tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi lives brutally maimed and ended, and the many thousands of American lives unconstitutionally maimed and ended — for nothing more than money-power’s profits — cannot be brought back.  There is no restititution for those crimes against humanity.

The best we can do is to yank the political tap-dancing stage out from under Bush-Cheney, dropping them into the legal arena.  In ordering the invasion of Iraq, Bush-Cheney violated the Constitutional citizen rights of our soldiers to be sent to war only on the specific order of Congress.  In ordering the warrantless wiretaps, Bush violated the Constitutional citizen rights to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.  And don’t play the Bush-Cheney nit-picking games with me.  I don’t care how many technicalities you or they come up with, they are guilty as charged.

We have a very strong law against the violation of citizen rights.  It is Title 18, USC, Section 241.  Today’s predator politicians hate it and keep it tucked as far out of sight as possible.  But it will come out into the light of day again soon, because many people are looking again at the Nixon criminalities.  It’s in the Nixon file.  Some of his cronies were convicted of violating 18 USC 241.  What’s this, tens of millions of Americans will ask.

The provisions of 18 USC 241 say that convicted co-conspirators can be fined and imprisoned for up to ten years.  But, if  death or maiming occurs as a result of the criminal conspiracy against citizen rights, then the convicted co-conspirators can be sentenced to life imprisonment or to death.  In our system of law, criminal prosecution under 18 USC 241 can happen to Bush-Cheney while they hold their mis-begotten titles of president and vice president. We can’t sue them in civil actions, but we can prosecute them for felonies.

The only thing saving Bush-Cheney from convictions in the unconstitutional murder and maiming of our citizen soldiers in Iraq are the inter-agency and inter-branch collusions that keep Bush-Cheney and their implicated cronies unconstitutionally above the law.

The courts will judge Bush?  Not even close.  Only the people are outside money-power’s dual-party, three-branch despotism.   Only the people will judge Bush, and, even then, only indirectly for now.

The only despotism institution that the people can work through to bring down Bush-Cheney is the pack of constitutional criminals who call themselves ‘Congress’.   And the only reason that Congress will take down the 5-year unconstitutional crisis that is Bush-Cheney is the high probability of the voters throwing out too many of the Republifascist criminals in Election 2006 — in order to get to an impeachment Congress.

Congress has been a coordinated, living organism — having no relationship to its 8th grade textbook descriptions — since the end of WW2.  The theater that Congress’ Republifascist majority — backed by their Demofascist cronies — will provide to us from now to November will be whatever they calculate will save the maximum number of their lame asses in the 2006 mid-terms.  If they determine that the only way to save the maximum number of their lame asses is to throw Bush-Cheney to the wolves, then that is the theater that we will see.  And even that will not be a judgment.  It will just be the absolute minimum required to get this massive albatross off Republifascist necks before the 2006 mid-terms.

They know, as do you, that if they miscalculate, if they don’t throw Bush-Cheney to the wolves, the Republifascist carnage could be massive.

Of course, if Bush-Cheney go down, nothing will change except the names.  Money-power has all the unconstitutional federal bench precedents it needs to continue the despotism.  They’ll just run in some new fascists who know how to play ball the good ol’ boys way, and off we go to the next war of aggression for profits and power — while the working media pumps us full of bullshit and gets the servile down on their knees for huzzahs, 24/7.

We won’t get anything approaching a judgment until Bush-Cheney have been sentenced in a federal court — and the Supremes are somehow taken out of the legal equation.  It could happen.  There is no statute of limitations on the over-2000 felony murders of our citizen soldiers in Iraq.   A second national constitutional convention anytime in the near future could reduce federal bench independence to direct dependence on election by the citizens of the individual court’s jurisdiction.  Further, a 2nd NCC could institute definitions and penalties for offical and judicial malfeasance, misfeasance, and nonfeasance against the Constitution, putting real teeth into the now-feckless oath to uphold the Constitution.

That, you freaking money-power propagandist, is just a little taste of what many people know to be the actual workings of our corruption- and greed-driven national government.  The truth will out.  And when it does, the citizen backlash of Reform Era II will not only reduce Congress to a nonpartisan unicameral — on the successful 1934 Nebraska model, with 3 senators per state to protect small from large, and citizen lawmaking allowing the people to be a second legislative house when needed — it will turn shills like you into twelve for a dime.

Written by Stephen Neitzke (email –, who is the founder of the Direct Democracy League, and writes a column at

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